Hot Water

Europa mini Solar Boiler (EWP)

• External tank up to 500 litres, 2000 litres per day possible
• Europa mini domestic applicable to households with up to 5 people
• O300 litre integrated unit with in-built controls

Europa mini Solar Boiler

• Extracts used heat from the air to heat your hot water Capable of all hot water needs for houses with up to 5 people
• Simple, fast installation

Europa 313 Solar Boiler

• Extracts used heat from internal spaces to heat all of your hot water Integrated 300l tank

• For households of up to 5 people

• Simple installation - replaces your existing cylinder

Europa 500IW Solar Boiler

• Simultaneous heating and dehumidification for swimming pools Ideal for large households and commercial use, eg hairdressers, Restaurant kitchens and hotels

• Suitable for conventional radiator and central heating systems

Europa 303 Solar Boiler

Hot water production from exhaust air Ideal for house with up to 5 occupants Integrated 300 litre tank Hot water temperatures up to 65c