Heat Saver Pipes

 Single, double or quadruple pipes
 High density insulation – low heat loss
 Absolutely corrosion free
 High quality
 Cut to length up to 200 metre rolls
 Hydraulic or Europex pipe fittings
 Wide range of applications as regards temperature and pressure

The Euroheatsaver pipe can be used to transport heated water with minimum heat loss. Pipes are available as straight lengths or flexible available in Steel-Flex, Copper and Pex. It can be used in numerous applications including outdoor boilers, wood burner systems or Geothermal applications. Sizes range from 20mm up to 110mm.


 Thick outer jacket provides extra protection for interior insulation and pipe
 Low thermal conductivity of polyurethane foam offers high insulating performance saving fuel
 No underground seams
 Installs quickly and easily
 Can be installed in shallow trenches and in high water table areas
 Pex pipes have a diffusion barrier made of EVAL, preventing oxygen from entering the system
 Lasts indefinitely, paying for itself many times over