Control Units

This Heat Management System can be minimized to suit a private house or maximized to suit a large Commercial building or apartments. Our controls can manage multiple heat sources including geothermal heat pumps, solar, radiators, oil and gas boilers. Each room including wet rooms and bathrooms has their own sensor which provides 24 hour, 7 day, time and Temperature control. Information is relayed back to a central Keypad to provide master control for the entire system. Optimization, Setback Temperatures, Holiday Mode and Sensor Lock Function are just some of the features incorporated into the controls

Key Features of the System are: •

Simple operation of system by any operator: Main functions on Smartpad are accessible within 2 or 3 button presses, optional touch screen available.
• Independent control of each room/heated areas. (Incl. bathrooms, en suites, wet rooms etc
• Weekly control program. 7 day time/temp for each room independently
• Automatic optimization. Calculates how much pre-heat a room needs to ensure the required temperature is achieved at the set turn on time.

• Easy adjustment of temperature in the room. 3 buttons Menu, + and --
• Button Lock Feature. To prevent tampering within rooms.
• Boost Function. Allows for maximum use of Night Rate Electricity when using a Heat Pump
• Holiday Function. For maintaining low temperatures when the building is unoccupied
• Hot Water Priority. Automatically diverts the heat source to the cylinder for maximum efficiency.
• Simple Installation. Our control systems are easy to install, coming complete with simple wiring instructions and diagrams to guide the Electrician, with a full demonstration when installed.